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About conference

Conference Methods of Nonlinear Analysis in Differential and Integral Equations is organized by Department of Nonlinear Analysis of the Rzeszów University of Technology. The main goal of the conference is to create the platform for cooperation in the study of methods and tools used in nonlinear functional analysis which can be applied in the theory of differential and integral equations. We focus especially on those methods which allow us to obtain theorems on the existence of solutions of such equations as well as to characterize those solutions in terms of various properties (asymptotic behavior of solutions, stability and asymptotic stability, local and global attractivity, other properties connected with uniform continuity, absolute continuity, approaching limits at infinity etc). One of the goals of the conference is also to exchange obtained recently results and present a challenge to study various open problems which appear both in theoretical investigations and numerous applications. We are also inviting presentations concerning operator theory, fixed point theory, geometry of normed spaces, theory of real functions and other branches of mathematical analysis.