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About Department of Nonlinear Analysis

Department of Nonlinear Analysis was established in July 2016. The department conducts scientific research covering issues related to nonlinear analysis and its applications in the theory of differential and integral equations. The main research topics include:

  • theory of measures of noncompactness,
  • nonlinear differential equations,
  • partial differential equations,
  • operator functional equations,
  • Volterra, Hammerstein and Urysohn nonlinear integral equations,
  • quadratic integral equations and differential equations of fractional order,
  • operator theory, especially integral operator theory,
  • infinite systems of differential equations and integral equations,
  • geometry of normed space,
  • metric theory of fixed point,
  • fixed points of Lipschitzian mappings in Banach spaces,
  • compactness criteria for optimization of nonlinear operators,
  • geometric theory group.